When we lift weights we break down muscle, when we recover our body adapts and rebuilds it stronger than it was before to be able to withstand the load we put on it. If we don't recover properly we don't give our bodies a chance to rebuild and be better than before. Over time if we continue to put a load on our muscles, recover, rebuild we continue to get stronger and more fit. The better we are at recovering the more we can workout and we can improve our fitness faster and get more fit overall. Here are some ways to help your body recover faster and some brief reasons how they work.


Food is fuel for performance and building blocks for recovery. You must eat enough, but quality and balance are very important. Protein is used to build muscle. Carbs replenish glycogen in your muscles. Quality Fats have Essential Fatty Acids that help in recovery of joints and the building of bones. Supplements like fish oil and whey protein can help recovery but they won't do much i…

Starting CrossFit

March 09, 2018 Here are a few links we like for advice on getting started. We also hand out some rules and tips at the gym. Here are some of the most important things  from our experience.

-Listen to your coaches, they have your best interest in mind and have helped many new athletes before.

-Build a good foundation for your fitness house. We have progressions and we like certain scaling techniques for a reason. Some are even better for some athletes than others, we are all different with different posture, and strengths and weaknesses. Skipping important steps can be dangerous, you need fitness walls before the windows.

-Take it one day/ workout at a time. Some days will be amazing, and you will celebrate, some days will be tough. Don't get down on yourself. Always stay positive. A tough day at the gym will be better for your fitness than a day on the couch.

-Have Fun!

Here are some links we like for more starting CrossFit education.

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